1. I think the best part of Momo*Con was my love meeting his hero, Sifu Kisu.

    Jereme has been a huge Avatar The Last Airbender Fan since we were both children, but his favorite part was OF COURSE all the martial arts that defined the different elements. Sifu Kisu is the man behind most of the styles you see in the show, and he did a great job!

    Jereme has never asked a person for an autograph before. And Sifu was a true delight. He’s a great man with a fabulous sense of humor and a true passion for his work. Jereme had bought a broadsword replica earlier at the con, and while attending a panel he heard that Sifu like broadswords especially, so of course he wanted him to autograph it.
    When we brought Sifu the broadsword, the man GEEKED out and my love was so happy. Sifu showed a few moves, explained how Zuko himself used some broadswords, and even took our picture as he held it. He happily signed it for Jereme and then posed with him. The style is Hung Gar, the calling card of the Earth Style. Jereme is a earthbender to the core.

    Sifu if you see this, thank you so much for making Jereme’s first experience with one of his heroes an unforgettable and absolutely enjoyable experience. You’re a great person!

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      It was a great honor to attend Momocon and a delight to meet you guys! I still want one of those rubber broadswords!
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